Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my valentine day trip back to hometown

72 years this the first time i sexlebread valentine...oldman like me sure no lomentik but this year i went through with my grandoter which im using her notebook now to blog... LOL

poor people like me where got money to buy computer as even calculator also cant afford... :P

sure ya all think i go eat candle dinner but not as this the first time i met my grandoter then torture her kao kao...she follow me whole day but in return she just had a nice cheap lunch and dinner sponsor by me...hehe *such a bad granfather me*

i plan this for weeks as first time heard the song and some promise i made ages ago...i had it done before so i knew the feeling and came back for more...

so coincidence its her blog first aniversary so i present her a video clip i had made and direct with my grandoter...finally i can fulfill my debt to her... :D

i hope my all dearest readers will enjoy also the clips.

big thanks to my grandoter that help me so much in this video including editing and arranging for few times as i not satisfied with it...hehe

if you find it interesting or educational can contact me for further details...still got few videos havent completed yet ;)

ps:my grandoter is very good,hardworking,helpful.cheerful and funny person so i'm very lucky yo had this grandoter.

pps:to show her respect,he poured a glass of vodka lemonade and asked me to bottom up when i went pick him up for supper as well send her home.he vomit after eating kueh chap and his drunk face reli funny...LOL

ppps:special thanks to her for picking me up at the airport seven early eight early coz even my grandoter say its too early to wake up... *foochow people really good in everything if you reading this* :P

Monday, February 04, 2008

two things keep bugging me...

First it was 1 thing kept bugging in my mind now add another thing...

1st thing...last november before went back,i helped my best fren wife bought some clothes and including a jacket and shirt from bebe...i told her i can get 40% off so she so sexicited but dont believe my taste...finally end up all around rm400++ and i being scold by my best fren...now i ask her she say everyone say its really pretty when she wore it...*now u still don believe my taste boh*

about 1 weeks ago my best fren called me asked me when i wana go back coz i need his help booked ticket as i dont have credit card...then he kept mentioning so loud in the fon if my wife call you can...but regarding money must tell me...anything else no need to tell me...he kept mention it few times so loud so i asked your wife beside you isit so you purposedly say it so loud and he say yes...*last time his wife pay me rm100 only and the rest he pay so i cant blame him so mad*LOL

few weeks ago his wife got msg me asked me got any nice clothes from mng as i can get 30% then i told her cant compared to bebe...that day after she msg me asked me the bebe shirt she asked me booked earlier cost around rm135 after 40% i told her your husband told me that nite you got heard also...she kept mentioning that she pay herself so her husband wont mind...

What should i do now???tell or no tell???

2nd thing...few days back i caught a thief and she around 40 ++ aunty...its part of my job but when she want to talk or bargain to me i brought her to my superior as i know if she talk more maybe i will let her go...then after she discussing with my superior suddenly my superior as me caught her as she trying to run that make me grab his hand till redish...then she start banging her head to wall and floor begging us let her go...i feel so hard tis few days coz so old aunty begging me but still no chance given to her... :(
i think next time i will let go as i being called to police station to make a report and when i was there i seem like criminal coz all lookat me like1 kind only...need to go thru so many stage just to do a witness report...so troublesome...

am i wrong???she so pity knocked head till red lump but still no chances given by my superior... ;(

p/s:something i noticed here as most the police women all young young sui sui wan...not like in my hometown all pui pui lau lau eh... ;)