Sunday, September 09, 2012

iporn sotware fixed n o sex mauturn singa lembutware installed....

Yesterday morning i went to have a morning kopi-o at the coffee shop i went mostly every morning and met the aunty which very cared at me and watched me grew up....his son saw me used iporn and i told him got problem with the software already....he told me he can fix it as i did told him fon shop charged me rm50 to delete and reinstore software....he said he knew how to do it so last nite i went to look for him which now my fon is normal again after he helped me fix....some of the data lost including games scored n levels coz i cant back it up to my itunes since july....
my mac ran out of battery last nite and he told me come today evening as he got new software for my mac and will install it for me for free ;)
last month fren intro me to this movie "Step Up Revolution" he watched with his wife while back to holiday last month and indeed its very nice....the storyline were different from the previous movie as its not about competition and the dance were awesome....i went to watched it and left my laptop at the shop coz i dowan later my car window being smashed sumore its still installing new software....i left the shop at 7pm as the movie start at 7.15pm....i told his son i came back to get it later coz i wana go watched movie and they got shocked when i told them i go watched jb i watched for 4 yrs + movie alone oso like that.... :)

indeed its true as now im using the new o sex mauturn singa lembutware and its damn better from my previous o sex leopard....


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