Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Diffrent people diffrent entertainment

When my last trip back,i went out for a drinks with a few underground boss and sure the entertainment were way more different...upon reaching the car jockey will direct my car to the parking space and brought us all to the room...

after choosing the ladies all seem to be so quiet and innocent...

after few bottoms up all start to dance... ;)

going out with underground bosses their entertainment really different from those upperground bosses...lol

the best thing was they never talk about killing people or wacking people they just talk about business most of the time while some of us enjoying the environment like me...*the leg does not belong to me but the girls sat beside me* :D

1st class entertainment but no sex included... :)

suddenly few girls went out and when they came in one of them start dancing on the table...soon after that few of them went topless and dancing here and there while we all just sat there entertaining... :)

i just remember on the day my friend wedding they talk about night life entertainment and i told them here night life quite wild...he told us they ever went singapore night life and there nothing compare here and sumore very sexpensive...they were keen to try out but some of them work the next day so its next time then...hehe

few days later another friends friend from west malaysia just told us all that in kl the night life at very well known place were very wild and sexpensive...i told him here quite wild too but not that sexpensive if you go happy hour... :)

ps:i just call my friend just now and he told me he saw few girls went outside and taking some drugs thats why all went so wild and topless dance...lol

Friday, September 03, 2010

10 second glamour

Just now as usual around 9pm i went to threw rubbish...after threw when i about to went in the shopping centre,i saw there 4 person blocking the path...a gay seem like a girl being make up by a guy/gay while another 2 blocking the path...i saw the LV luggage at the floor i thought sure its a fake stuff...

while i was walking nearer i saw the side face of the person which stood still which they guy help to touch up the face...when i'm about to pass the lady just stood there and i whisper "excuse" while she still didnt bother...the second time i say a little bit louder and she looked at me then let me pass...

while walking towards the auto door and when it open i saw a lot of people waiting and camera were seen everywhere while the security controlling the crowds...there small path created by the security guard and at first i thought of walking back where i'm from...

fuck it...i just walk out felt like a superstar and saw the stage beside me got the name Elva...i look behind and saw a pretty girls which i thought is gay just now actually was Elva Hsiao... :O

lucky there no bodyguard whacked me when i asked to pass through...no wonder the lady look at me like a kind as she with a star...

for those who duno Elva Hsiao below are the clips from her and i just knew she the singer of the lovely song which i liked while no clue who the singer...lol

ps:now i knew the LV are confirm its genuine coz of her status...lol

pps:i think it might be a luckiest birthday present for me that i met a pretty singer... :D