Monday, October 25, 2010

My 1st running event

This year i got a free pass for nike 10k run and its my first running event i join since i were born... :D

last week i went back my hometown for holiday and i went to train up myself after 3 yrs never jogging and hell it taste like shit the next day which my whole body bone sore..when i squat down to took something it took me a while to get up... :O

yesterday were the day finally the nike human race 10k run kick off...i manage to finish it around 1 and a half hours...after run i need to get back to work and it taste like shit with my leg so tiring while i got headache too after the it seems better... ;)

thats the gift after finished the 10k run...cute and priceless...

too bad i didnt took alot of picture as remembrance cause i dont know when will i might be joining this kind of event again :O