Saturday, August 21, 2010

Singtel helpless customer service

April this year i lost my SIM card while i were still back in hometown.when i came back to singapore i went to telco shop to get back my same number which i got a ridiculous answer that prepaid number cant get back same number once its lost.i told them i lost my Malaysia number few times still manage got it back and his answer singapore government doesnt encourage prepaid number thats why once lost its lost.

I found out from a friend that he got back his prepaid number and i can get back my number but must call up customer service.on 6th august i made a phone call to Singtel customer service to lodge a complain that my friend prepaid card lost and can get back his same number while the customer service assistant kept on repeating their rules and regulation.i fed up and told him i knew their policy that when prepaid number lost i cant get it back then i told him why my friend can get it back while i cant.later i told him i like this telco and even intro to my friend to use as the coverage and cheaper to call too.i told him i used the line more than 2 years and he told me must at least used 5 years and i will manage to get back my number.i told him if i say just now i been used my line for 5 years and sure he will told me that i need to used the line 10 years to manage to get back my number.
did he really need to used cheating to get rid customer?

After about half hour listen to his policy and my reason,finally he told me he need to check with other department as thats beyond his control.i told him that he should had said that earlier rather than pissed me off after listening to their policy.then he told me he need 3 working days as the procedure are very troublesome and since its friday and following monday are public holiday,he told me will get back to me on next thursday...

On 12th i waited for the customer service assistant to called me but he never till i rang up again on the evening which it was a girl answer and told me there no such name after i looked for him.i told her his name and she asked me whether he belong to prepaid or postpaid department.i told her its prepaid she asked me to hold on a while which really took a while and when she get back to me and told me to hold on while she pass my line now say no such name...

When he answer the call i told him i expected his call and straight away told me that he was just about to call me and its around 6pm like i will trust him as i knew he wont call.later he told me my card expired and cant get back my number i told him what he was talking about as the previous week he just checked my card still on going and register under my name.finally he told me he remember who i am*mcb*...he told me that other department still havent got back to him and i start question his initiative to help customer as he knew 3 days later he need to get back to customer he can check with other department rather than waited for them.he kept quiet while i asking him then he start telling me its troublesome to get back prepaid number and need to go through a lot department while i told him i understand and why he so helpless and he kept quiet again...*not forgotten his tone can judge his unwillingness to help*

then he told me he need more days again and i asked him how many which he say he cant promise.i asked him whether 3 more days enough he told me he not sure...then i get pissed off and asked him the next days which was friday 13th let me know as he just need to checked with other department which wont took ages.he so convincing and told me 10am he will call me.then he asked me what i will do if cant get back my number i told him i might go to press lodge a complain and his answer was that depends to me...thats what i mean by his unwillingness to help as he dont even settle by finding other alternative ways to solve my problem.

till today i still havent got his phone call and i didnt mention his name as even im pissed off i still have the heart not to spoild his name or image...i thinks maybe he knew his telco are famous so need not help a small unsatisfaction customer or maybe im not powerful enough.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


I been using Iphone for more than a year and heard a lot of disadvantage being pointed out by friends which till now i never disappointed by it...most of them still finds that nokia or any other phone more user friendly...

not forgotten now blackberry phone demand became more and more as i saw quite a few of my friends using it...only my bestbuddy complain its very troublesome phone which for his usage he more prefer easy access phone...end up i bought from him... ;)

introducing IberiPhone... :P

1 side is blackberry...

the other side will be Iphone...

now whoever using blackberry discriminate Iphone i will discriminate their blackberry as normally they will persuade those using Iphone switch to blackberry..their reason maybe they felt proud using same brand phone using by US president... :O

ps:last week i went back hometown and just knew that the little barger had found her territory... :D