Monday, July 17, 2006


Last night it took me and my best friend Andy about half an hours thought of what words we can describe in PDRM…I told him I want to blog about it as now after my car being broke in then last Saturday I heard from one of my best pal that my other friends parents being robbed and their car also being drove off…I told Andy I cannot stand why those people in charge never do their responsibility…I also told him I might end up in jail as once I blog it out ,the whole world can read include them but I really cant stand and see…

I called my friend but he was busy to answer and called me back few hours later…I ask him that I heard his parent being robbed…yup…he told me his parent went to do offering at Tua Pek Kong temple at Buntal and being robbed at the spot…he also told me that the robber arm with knife and was four of them…the car they drove also a stolen car…

Me : Lu eh peh bo uh su bo?(how was ur parent)

R : Ma si ane lo…ko eh tang an cua…(just like that…what can be done)

Me : Lang bo su lar?(they fine rite)

R : Mik kia tiok kiok kah wah eh mak an koon tam pok ang ang ing wei e eh kim lian tiok thua(all stuff being taken and my mum neck a bit red red as her necklace being pull by them)

Me : Lang bo su ler ho lar(its fine they not being injured)

R : e lang balu sai sa jit eh Myvi pun tiok sai chaw(their 3 days old Myvi also being drove off)

Me : jin eh tiok e lang eh bin bo?( can recognized their faced or not)

R : jin eh tiok ma bo yong…mata ler bo meng(recognised their faced also no used…police never ask yo describe also)

I was shocked when he told me that even when they filed for report they also never ask his parent how was the robber looks like…they just ask where it happen,what being taken,how many people and other question.

1.How come they can treat those robber as nothing?
2.What was more important to them?
3.If those robber killed next victim they who going to responsible?
4.Can we depend on you guys?
5.Can we(victim) being given license to judge them by our own way?

Maybe I shall say that whenever there someone want to filed a report they should think of PDRM stands for “Please Don’t Rely Me” so that they wont be disappointed or angry again after what had happen to them…

In Malaysia we being taught by our educated older generation to love each other not hate so we don’t want to hate you guys. If PDRM really never did their responsibility well you guys all will make us clarify you guys as Pembawa Dengki Rakyat Malaysia to you people…

I really hope you guys should improved how to get rid of crime rather than speak…I lodge a report but what I heard from you guys was…

”itu tempat sama hospital memang selalu berlaku kes curi”

knn…you people know how to say always happen then did you guys do anything?I go jogging and never really never saw a patrol stop by or pass over…wtf…do rather than speak lar please…

p/s:last night while I was choosing dvd drama,my friend father notice me and called me ask me wore till like that go exercise isit?I told him I went jogging cum hunting and told him my car being broke in…he support me by told me if catch them whack them…I told him I definitely break their hand if can and he support also as he also will did the same if catch them..muahaha…he was waiting for his mistress as she was choosing love drama also… :D


Blogger mirror said...

These days robber become more and more bold and aggressive. I had some bad experience myself. Just hope all those ppl will get back 'bao ying' they deserve. Police..i dunno what they r doing also. just a name. seriously. The more I watch tv show about police or detective, i wonder our country one learn the same thing or have the same skill or not. disapointed la. police not doing anything i don't care liao, but i once read about the police abuse those ppl in jail before they even been sentence as innocent. My heart die cold.

8:01 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

police only know how to talk...they hate chinese bluff...they will get bao ying from me if i catch them since police cant do anything,i help them...hehe

8:57 PM  

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