Saturday, July 15, 2006

DIGI unfriendly services

I went to DIGI last Monday to take back my 016 number but end up dissapointed by their belonging all being took off last saturday but being accused a thief at hand in my SIM pack to her and she ask me last 6 number i called...i told her i cant remember my friends number but i can ensure the last called number i call frequently...she told its a must as their company policy...watever lar then i ask her i brought this SIM pack with me not enough evidence this number belong to me ar?she told me"you can took it anywhere mar" thought asking her that i seem like a thief isit?

Dear DIGI,

1.I can end up using your line if i lost it so you should proud have me as customer... :)
2.Nowadays Maxis,Celcom offer better than you people...
3.Why i want to steal other people number while they can track me when i activate it?

when i went MAXIS and show them my sim pack,they just issued a new sim card to me without asking anymore further question and even pity me as my stuff being stolen...i think DIGI staff should learn to be more all should be proud we using your line...

i thought of show her the bill i bought this number but i know its no used since in her mind i'm a thief...

the bill they charge me extra RM30 for sevcives(services) when i bought it 4 years ago...what service they provide?just to hand me that SIM pack from your booth cost RM30...cheh...

i manage get back my number last Thursday as on Monday i went there i dont have my temporarily IC so they dont allowed me took back this number...

i know i should not post my number on internet as i had no KL friends number all stored in my old sim card...

To Abang-abang sekalian,

Zamry aka panjang

saya masih memegang janji saya kepada kamu bahawa saya akan simpan nombor ini selagi yang boleh...sekiranya anda terbaca blog ini sila msg saya dan saya masih ingat janji saya bahawa kamu orang pertama saya akan mencari jika saya menjejaki kaki di KL(tidak lama lagi)hehe...
Abang Annuar,
Kamu pernah tanya bila saya mahu kerja di KL lagi?
kalau ada kerja saya akan pergi sebab saya dah boring dekat hometown saya...hehe

AAron aka kit chai and Au yong msg ngo yi ko lei kin tou li ko blog... :)

p/s:to the girl(i forgot your number) that called few times and called me papa you can see my picture in this blog and i'm not your papa so i didnt lie to you that you called wrong number...stop calling...thanks...


Blogger Lin Peh said...

Niama. You sure the gal who called u papa is not your dotter ? C'mon la..tink harder ! ;-)

3:46 PM  
Blogger mirror said...

ur timun no fresh enough to entice them bah..hehehe

6:36 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

lin peh:Niasing...i know last time i using that 'style'so if got also son no dockter... :P

mirror:my timun no pipal eba test b4 so u wana try come i saripice for u lar... :P

9:15 AM  

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