Sunday, July 02, 2006

small dinner

17th of June Lydia organised a small dinner party at her house...she say just a small dinner as not any birthday celebration...her actual birthday was few days after...

Lydia(2nd from right) and her sis...

the flower that i promised last year that when she came back from her convo at MMU i will gave her...hehe...paiseh for long delay...1st time i bought flower so if its ugly sorry ya... :)

i just blog about this small dinner because i just received the photo today... :)

i was a bit drunk that night as drink vodka(pop with sprite recommended by her father) with her father...that night i vomit 2 times and next morning vomit 4 times if i'm not mistaken...

p/s:never drank with empty stomach... :( ... (i heard her father drunk also) :P


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