Saturday, June 17, 2006

so lucky

Tuesday 13th of June after went to see my car at workshop,i pass by Tabuan Jaya Sports Toto shop and there was a special draw on that day so in my mind was if a lot of people queing then i shall forget about buying any ticket as my lunch hour nearly exceed..i went down to bought few numbers...

on wednesday when i about to leave office at lunch time to see my car,i manage to check on the result online and saw the number i bought came came out special prize...i manage to bought 1 ticket... ;)

then on that day also i went to buy same number again and find out that someone told me number 6 with number 2 are lucky number...its true what she say as on wednesday draw it came out number 6 with number 2...

when i check on Magnum4d i saw my uncle car that i using now came out at consolation prize but i didnt bought coz i dont bet at Magnum4d...only TOTO... ;P


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