Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wedding invitation

While i was driving home monday evening around at 6++ pm,i received a call not in my phone list of my maxis number...i was wondering who was it as my KL Digi number this few days was being bugging from KL stranger and yesterday morning the same people call was 6++ am...CBY...lucky i awake already...its a malay girl and i didnt answer her as i told her few times that she got wrong number few days ago...

stranger : b boy(my house name)

me : ahh...

stranger : wa kaw in si ho lu ta tiok ai lai ha(my wedding on 4th you must come)

me : lu ha mang?(who are you)

stranger : siaw mei lar...

opsss...its my cousin...her 2 brother wedding this years i also didnt attend... :)

cousin : lu ta tiok ai lai ha wa book lu eh ui liaw(you must come as i already book 1 place for you)

me : wo ko neng bo eng tapi wa eh hok ang pau(me maybe busy but i will give ang pau)

cousin : wa mai ane wa ta tiok ai lu lai(i dont want like this i want you to come)

me : kua seng(see 1st)

cousin : wa ko ko kah ngee ngee kaw in lu ler bo lai liaw wa eh ta tiok ai lai(my older and younger bro wedding you already didnt come so mine you must come)

kns...hard to escape as i really dislike to join relatives wedding...

cousin : kin swimming pool keh pia(beside swimming pool)Dewan Masyarakat

me : wah...cit pai lu leh tok tiok kim liaw...(now u found gold already)

cousin : huh...hee leh ui lau ya eh(that place a lousy place)

me : wahhh....beh si tok tiok kim ta pi tok tiok diamond(not get a gold but diamond)

thats why i dont like to join relative wedding...everyone trying to showoff whenever they can...kns...then will kept asking when will be your turn and when will introduce to them...cheh...

me : cit leh cit leh kaw in liaw ta pi wa ko bo lang ai(1 by 1 getting married but i still single)

cousin : lu gaw keng ler tan cit eh tok tiok chaw leng geng(you so choosy later get a a smelly longan)

me : beh si wa gaw keng tapi lang mai wa(not i'm choosy but people dont want me)

hehe...trying to change topic so she wont be so forceful ask me join the wedding...

later after badminton game then limteh at Jalan Song i also met up with my uncle and aunty which i borrowing their car now... i told my uncle that his car door knob spoild by me...hehe...then i told them i might not going to my cousin aunty also asking me why i always didnt go to relative wedding...i told her i been to a temple and they told me better stay off from joining any dead people,birthday or wedding ceremony...then she told me its your relative wont have much problem on it...

1st of June 1 of my friends wedding and 4th of June my cousin wedding...apuuu...2 summons in a month...hopefully there wont be anymore wedding invitation... :)


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