Sunday, April 30, 2006

a plaza in kampung...

When refer to kampung or village what was in our mind???sure its a nice and quiet place out from busy town...most of it was wooden houses that when a house on fire the whole village will be on fire also...

will this be in your mind when being told there was a wisma(plaza or complex) in a village...will we believe if being told so...

will this be in our imagination also when u had a supermarket in a village rather than small shop selling daily goods...

a big building next to a wooden house...will they have customer coming from town to shopping in a village???

sure thats all will be in our mind when being told a village got a wisma in will you believe when i told you???

You must believe me...Wisma Sultan Tengah(Sultan Middle Plaza) in kampung Goebilt... :P


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