Monday, March 21, 2005


uwahaha...sien si ar...tis moorning really a lazy day for me coz its monday...i wake up at 6.15am then go slp a while more n wake up at 6.45am...wah piang when i saw d clock me quickly wake should b equinoks n shall b very hot ler how come raining funny...

i wonder when can my mouth stop bleeding coz i go n cabut gigi ystdy n its stil bleeding til long d stil haven stop bleeding...sigh...ystdy manage to continue a few episode of my taiwanese drama n stil left bout 8 more episode to go...coz of my car colour too blur d so ystdy me go n buy some wax to polished car...wah lau suddenly rain so heavily at town 4++pm i wash my car again coz i don care no matter wat i stil wana polished my car even it seem lyk goin to rain in da nite time...aft finish washing i take bath then make a move to ah sum old house to polished my car...i reach thre around 5pm then finish polished around 6pm...then me go rakan muda near saberkas coz fren say got car show thre...when i reach thre finish d...i manage to c 2 cars nia stil show off their car...then me saw da stupid organiser of last time when i enter d competition at mjc...he was trying a kenari sound system...full of kicker woofer...cheh...not kuat at all d bass...:p

just now around 3++pm me go cafe to buy some sweets then saw d sun so hot ler...wah piang tis morning rain then so hot in d afternoon...huh...later me wana go ah sum old house wash car again...hiak...hiak...hiak...:D


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