Wednesday, March 16, 2005


sat morning at 8++am i wake up d but lazy to get up n manage to stay on bed til 9++am...heee...^__^...then starting to watch movie a while in my room...aduiii...then 12++pm tot of david tao promo tour at wisma saberkas then fas tget change n go thre...hehe...main reason not buying ticket but....kekeke :-)...tot of thre must b so many gurls so go thre n c lor...i m single mar so can c lor...hehehe...*___*then after reach thre...wah lan eh...soooo traffic jam n after tat i park my car tepi jalan...heee...illegal...aduh after jam so long then go in lang eh...a few ppl nia...ngaiti i tot got so many ppl...cheh...then me go speedy n saw so many taiwanese drama box set n got discount ler n me din bought coz not enuf cash when i was thre...heee...then me go back to speedy aroun 8++pm n manage bought a drama called summer ,i love u...later around 9++pm my best pal ah sum called me n go limteh at zhen hou liang teh make few round thre coz when he called me he tol me he stil haven arrive so i just round at town n me called him 20min later n ask him whre he was n he say he was thre drinking liaw...wah piang me din c his honda crx ler then he tol me he din drive...once i sit down wah they wearing so nice n me just short pant n t shirt then they say go soho...i don want then they say we sit outside d end i go oso n sit outside n drink bacardi...not so much ppl oso tat nite...wah thre was so hot n we cant stand it n cabut around 12++am then they say go to liverpool a while...when reach thre i cant blief it so pack coz last time not lyk tat but...apuhhh all hua na not lyk last time chinese more...then me sit while nia then go home wat my drama ler...heeee...then zzzzz...

sunday wake up at around 9am n continue watch my drama then around 11 me go to supermarket bought some keropok then go fren car accesories shop...around 12 me left thre n go sunday market n bought biscuit n cabbage...then me go home n watch my drama then blablabla...

monday blues a day tat i hate most...hmmm...wat a day ...around 4++pm i heard a sad news bout 1 of my colleague here had a car accident...i saw him on satuday nite when i was at soho then on tat nite oso he had of accident...d car really bad n i heard d bus stop he knocked oso damage at batu lintang area...i heard he was racing then near d traffic light d brake jam...i tol my fren oso after i heard d news n they say nyaman coz tat person really siao our parking area oso need to speeding so fast...tat person oso whetnever meet me on d road sure owes want to race wit my car...

today...tuesday...not so bz day n manage liak cua...heee ^___^...then just now me heard from 1 of my colleague tat he just change from SGH to normah...he oso manage tol him how d accident happen n he now cant felt his leg coz of his back bone pecah...its has to take a long time to recover i think...just now me ask my former engineer whether she goin to c david tao concert she say yes n she learn her leeson d from previous SHE concert tat she had to go early if not really jam lyk tot of tat day when leaving ofiz 6.30pm then straight away go thre...heee... wah 6.28pm n 2min to go then i cabut lor... :-}


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