Wednesday, April 19, 2006

big mistake on badminton game...

Last nite went to play badminton as me need some sports to kept my body stamina...i was not good at playing badminton but tend to join for exercise...aft play for 2 games then i stop a while for some rest as they were so many ppl playing and no more court and need to let them play 1st before i continue my game... actually i more prefer when i excercise i dislike to stop unless really tired...

At second round game i think i made someone mad at me because i was team up with her then while we were playing as i tend to smash but i accidentally smashed her racquet instead of the shuttlecock when she want to catch it...the racquet fall to the ground...omg...what had i done as dont know how to play badminton then i should stand a side and watch ppl playing...they all laugh at me because it was really loud when my racquet hit her racquet...lucky din break into 2 piece...this was a big mistake i had done since i 1st play badminton when i was in primary school... :(


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