Friday, May 05, 2006

Uncle Teo meaningful rhymes...

Last nite me,Lydia,Wilmina and Uncle Teo had a tennis game at De Summit Condominium...Lydia try out her newly bought HEAD tennis racquet...i borrow from her to try out her tennis racquet and it made my heart itchy to get 1 for myself as now the LEA Sports Centre still having their half price sale...

After the,Uncle Teo and Wilmina went to Jalan Song to had supper...while on the way i ask Uncle permission to post his rhymes when he resign on Valentine took him few minutes thinking before he allow me to do so...i told him i was touch with his creativity on rhymes so i want to post it in my blog...thanks Uncle Teo for allow me to do so...

this email was sent by Aishah to as i dont have it at 1st because Uncle Teo forgot send to me when he send out on Valentine day... 14th Febuary 2006...

then when he told me i shall wrote mine in rhymes like his Valentine day rhymes as his i pretend dont know anything...then he told me you never read my rhymes mer???i told him you didn't sent to me then he told me that he had forgotten... :)

then he sent to me on his last day 3rd of April 2006... i really bad because even though i had his rhymes sent by Aishah to me but i told him i don't have it cause i want he ownself sent it to me... :)

read every 1st letter beginning of the sentences as when he sent out a lot of recipient blur because dont know what the real meaning of this mail...ReSiGnEd ToDaY...

lastly he reply us all with thank you all with another rhymes...

Hi Folks

It seems that there is an expectation that I need to depart with a poem since I gave in on the day of my resignation.
So here goes.

Today is the day
Holding back my tears
All of you have been fabulous
Not to mention your hospitality, so generous
Kindness and sincerity simply stupendous

You have made my stay a refreshing breeze
Overcoming the discontent with ease
Uniquely a Sarawak experience that I will miss

At last I have to say goodbye
Look at how the time has fly
Lets us meet again someday, another episode awaits


above was his appreciation to us all...THANK YOU ALL...

we all really gonna missed you Uncle Teo...

me,Lydia & Wilmina wont forget the tennis and badminton skill you taught us...we now really sad as you really going to leaving us all on 18th May 2006 back to your lovely and clean hometown(Singapore)...we all will spare our time together with you before you leaving so now we busy planning where to friday nite our tennis game right???

Lydia,Wilmina,Poh ching,Gabriel and Aishah
you all know my blog as i told you people only so when you all read this please give some suggestion where we want to bring our Uncle Teo on next weekend holiday... :)


Anonymous KoDy said...

~PO3M to UncL3 T3O~
Thank you for all that you have taught.
Hard times are now turned into times of pride.
All this we managed with you by our side, couch'g badminton, tennis and sight-see'g
Nor could we otherwise this course have run & so much fun.
Kindness isn't tendered on demand:
You gave with patience, not merely out of duty.
Our days are daily burnished by that beauty.
Upon your care we three now proudly stand.

2:20 PM  
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