Tuesday, May 02, 2006

dont bribe...

Last Saturday i went to my friend house at Matang to met him as his wife just gave birth…While I was driving then I saw a white Waja following me and try to overtake me so I pull up my seatbelt slowly as I know it sure was police…kns...its really them…
The police really look like ah beng hia and wearing black sunglass asking me question without looking at me…

Police 1:Apa hal tak pakai seatbelt?(why didn’t used seatbelt)

Me : :)

Police 2:Cantiknye tattoo itu(your tattoo very pretty)

Me : :)

Police 1:(Jealous face come out)…Dari mana?(from where)

Me :Dari 1si…(from 1si)

Police 1:Lain kali masuk kereta pakai seatbelt dulu…(next time used seatbelt once you go in car)

Me : :)

Police 1:Saman lar ho?(I give you summon)

Me :(give innocent face)…ok lor…

Then police 1 ask police 2 to give me a summon…I know their trick as I saw no summon paper on their clipboard…they just want money…

Police 2:apa macam …(so how)

Me :kalau boleh tolong jangan saman lor…(if can don’t give me a summon)

Police 2:apa macam saya mauk tolong?kasih minum lor(how can I help you…treat us drink)

I know they just want money but they don’t dared to ask so I just took out out some cash from my pockets and its only few ringgit…about Rm 6 only…

Me :tinggal ini saje dan saya belum pergi bank(left this only and I haven’t go bank)

Police 2:apa macam ni duit minum pun tak ada(so how as drink money also don’t have)
Me :saya cuma tinggal ini saje lar…(I only left this)

Police 2:duit minum pun tak ada…tak apalah lain kali jangan buat lagi…(drink money also don’t have…nevermind next time don’t do it again)

What was really funny behind their patrol car windscreen got sticker say JANGAN RASUAH(Don’t Bribe)

*when police ask for drink that mean they want some cash*


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