Saturday, July 08, 2006

funny notice

My friend ask me on thursday that i know how to read chinese or not...i told him i'm a banana so dont know how to read then he ask me can understand or not...i told him no problem but mai cim cim as i cant someone put a notice on his car windscreen...muahaha...i ask my colleague just now how to read then i wrote it out for my blog...muahaha...soli as gua punya cina memang pisang so dont expect good han yi pin yin... :)

ni men wan pa che chang.qi zao pa zao hui si pu hui si de che tong pak tui mien de siao lu se me si #### "pu shi de #### kan lai yaw zen nian dou pak cai na pien.zhen tiaw lu tou shi wan pa che chang pak che wei.

cuo ren ye yaw you daw de pu yaw tai pa daw...

direct engrish go like this...hehe

you door king eight car early eight early die or no die car all park opposite small road what die #### "not die want #### see come want whole year also park at there.whole small road also are king eight car workshop parking car slot.

be people also want have moral not dont so conquer.

yesterday i went his workshop again and suddenly when i want to left i thought of this notice and ask from my friend then he told me already throw away...his bro told me not yet throw away and gave to me ask me what i want do do with it...i told him i want to put in internet...he smile and ask me dont put the shop name and car number... :)


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