Friday, July 07, 2006

little bird

This was the 2nd time bird made their nest behind my house...1st time was last year then duno which fella either my dad or my bro go and knock off the nest...kns...i ask my bro he say my dad knock it down as nearly CNY and when i ask my dad he say he didnt do it...cheh...then i do it mer?

the stain at the right was its 1st nest...

the left over stain...knn...which ever one of them so free to destroyed this birdy nest why dont help to sweep the floor.... :P

the new ciao nest and got 2 little ciao inside it...

2 little ciao kia flew off when i climb up to took a nearer picture...knn...last time saw its still small and suddenly can fly already...

they all chilling on top of the antenna smilling at me as cant manage to took their picture...

is it swallow?...hmmm...if so then i will had a free bird nest to eat... :P


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