Friday, February 12, 2010


Last month godbro was here for business purpose and normally he will visit me and ask me stay in hotel to accompany him...that day i didn't eat whole day as usual and when on the way to hotel after i finish work,we stop by BCH and he bought few kg of Bak Kua to brought back and he bought some for me to munch in the hotel... ;)

since the whole day i didnt eat i wallop nearly 200 gram of it as when eaten it i felt more hungry n ate more...i told him and he laugh and say that its delicious thats why u ate more if not u will stop after first slice...when he ate it he agree that the more ate it the more hungry... :D

after that we went for a proper supper...i told him this place a bit expensive while his answer was we must pampered ourself good sometimes... :)

we went to this spanish bar and tapas which im SPL/suapalau/jakun what does tapas mean... :O

the oily menu...

we ordered Kilkenny and when it came we got shocked as it was can...i thot it was draft and the waitress told us only carlsberg beer are draft...

my kilkenny...

i ordered prawn but i forgot whats it called and when the portion arrive we both smile and he ask me i ate this only...i told him i duno the portion were so little...

godbro ordered the lamb chop and it came in small size and lack of presentation... :(

the prawn grilled nicely and the sauce were nice and by the time i type now i forgot how it taste...LOL

then i tried a slice of the lamb chop and the medium cook taste marvelous and juicy... ;)

we ordered the second round of drinks and she happily smile while pour the drinks...

peace but i forgot on my flash... :D

thats much better and that night we drink 3 can of Kilkenny each... :)

i poured my own drinks and heard there a ball sound in the can and she help me cut it open as i curious whats

a nice food,ambience and drinks make me the most happy fatty oldman... :)


Anonymous cleffairy said...

=( I want eat bak kua... but my stupid MIL is a vegetarian... no meat is allowed during CNY. SO CHAMMMMMMM!

12:46 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

cleffairy...stupid!!!MIL owes fot those name ho...hehe

nvm let u be vegetarian few days n if i can go kl nex mth i tapao 4 u...LOL

12:12 AM  

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