Wednesday, February 10, 2010

KL shopping and Jalan Alor food

Whenever im in kl sure i will never missed out to shop in cck/cheecheongkai/petaling not a rich person so thats the heaven place for me to shop for cheap apparel...LOL

since CNY its near so why not bought more red shirt for some ONG purpose...hehe

all 6 shirts cost me less than rm80 if i'm not mistaken... :D

after the 1st time 2 or 3 years back my fren brought me to this shop then whenever im here i will pay a visit but i nearly miss out as all the shop there about the same...

finally found it as i saw the boss standing outside while asking me isit im the parking attendant just now i was stunned and finally he remember me...he explain to me just now he park his car but miss out paying the

the shop owner with my warm stout for starter...

i flip thru the file looking for a small portion food as evening time i just had dinner with Tan Sri Linpeh...i ordered the sambal clam and its turn out very nice but very sinful food...

by the time 3am when he closed his shop i just manage to drank 2 big and 1 small bottle of drinks... :P


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