Monday, February 08, 2010

Chinese New Year Song

While browsing my daily dose on Saturday morning,its so unbelievable unapprove by Malaysian government talented singer/song writer/composer*name wee* appear on Malaysian hero RPK blog...

On that morning when i saw the video youtube viewer about 26k only and just 1 day the viewer jump to now more than 150k...amazing how this talented young man plus RPK readers who view the video...

For those still never watch the video or dunno about it here the video...LOL

Happy Chinese New Year everyone of my dearest readers...Gong Xi Gong Xi Fa Da Cai


Blogger frostier said...

u should help him do translation.. a lot derno chinese 1 ma

8:51 AM  
Blogger ah nel said... cant read chinese ler even i dont understand all the lyris but i intro to my fren he kept on laughing...

8:55 AM  

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