Sunday, January 31, 2010

1st day of 2010

First day of the year we all went to Sematan Palm Beach resort for barbecuing the new start of the year...hehe
you knew you are in Sematan when you saw the 2 boobs on the

its been rain the whole day and even i brought the 2 kids playing in the sea in heavy rain... :O
evening time we went to the pit to start up fire for barbecue and saw a lot of people at there already...

whole dogs they barbecuing after caught it in*they bought the whole goat for rm 600* :x

the fish...

those indonesian were so pro as the smell really made me salivating... :D

our pit that soaked wet in rain...

what you looking at?

the 1st timer got guide from the wife carrying the umbrella how to kill the

the dead hai...

the hai with their open feet...

we were so lucky as the time we wanted to barbecue those people left and gave us their space for us so that mean we dont have to start up the fire...hehe

how can we left out the drinks... ;)

failed as its not cooked... :(

theporkthelambtheprawnandthesataypork... :)

another close shot of the foods...

since its failed so this time we barbecue the hai

everyone so busy eating...

the salad i like the most till i end up finish half of it...LOL

the charcoal pork that our barbecue fren to eat?hehe

ah yien with his prawn...

the hubby with hai while the wife with his indonesian satay...

her salad that got most sellable/

nothing to do i went to barbecue the

loh kai with the corn that those indonesian gave us as they came back to barbecue for more coz we gv them our unfinished food include the barbecue watermelon which i heard the girls ask her fren how come the watermelon so hot...LOLOL

we intend to try out their lamb end up this whole thing he gave me which we ate a peel of the meat only... :x

the very next day the gloomy day with the butts on sea...LOL

the mother and the kids...

the happy family... ;)

the grumpy son that mad coz he cant go to the beach...he being told cant go coz rain and being shot by him why the day before rain so heavily he can bad my bad...put those 2 kids life in danger as the wave were quite strong oso... :X *the black and white version i tried with my camera fon* ;)

after i shown her mother the photo the mom ask him put a better face..both of their eyes are the same...dont u think so? ;) *the sephia mode*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

T_T you made me miss my dad!!! My dad use to bring me and whole family for BBQ picnic by the beach. Sobsob... I go cry now!!!

9:21 PM  
Blogger rainbow angeles said...

wuah go beach resort... all the pics using your HighFon ah?

11:28 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

cleffairy...i miss my dad too even he pass away last april but i stil believe he alrdy gone for better plc.. ;(

angel...godbro ask go ler coz holiday ler all used my sony ericson phone as the other fon i think pic look nice in the fon sumore it don hv flash..

12:08 AM  
Blogger rainbow angeles said...

hey, what happened to your dad?? so sorry to hear that he's gone... :'(

12:46 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

angel...u duno...i got msg u rite that my dad pass away... ;(
just 3days after linpeh dad pass away... ;(

12:52 AM  
Blogger rainbow angeles said...

no woh.. i din receive your SMS..

ohhh.. i think i know why.. becos that week my hp rosak.. i only got to know linpeh's dad passed away later on... :'(

1:02 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

angel...i jus chk my fon n ur name not inside..sory..

my fault as i send to khaima n dale as i thot they wil pass msg to u all...i thot wana blog it but scared i break down halfway writing it.. ;(

1:04 AM  

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