Saturday, December 12, 2009

The nite i slept in my car

On 17th of november,we all went to Maurice karaoke to celebrate my friend birthday which fall on 18th of november same day as my friend sons birthday which he celebrate earlier not forgotten another friend married which will feature in next post...

we brought along the whiskey me and soot ker bought at changi duty free shop...

the only girl join us for the party while the black shirt girl are the worker whom very friendly and really knew her ways to made customer coming back as she a good PR...

i oso duno what happen to her...LOL

then suddenly so happily sang a birthday song to birthday boi.... :D

birthday boi made his wish which we never knew as we swith on the CNN channel it never broadcast...hehe

they chose this cake as they say the cartoon look like him... =D

birthday boy got his complimentary drink...*thanks Sylvia* ;)

when the whiskey finish and seem like our alcohol consumption not enough i order another 2 jugs of beer...*now u knew what i mean not enough alcohol as 5 of us drank 1 bottle whiskey*

upon pouring sure i must yum seng with the person who pour for me... :)

she manage to show middle finger candidly while wiping her fingers from cake and me soot ker posing his lanciao

what else enjoy listening to songs...*as u can see the mud from previous day mishap* :P

what we had that nite for 5 of us...

the reason i slept in my car was because mr soot ker mix my whiskey with beer...when i pour my last shot of whiskey and while before i manage to add water to it,he pour beer in it...i asked him why he mix he told me lil bit nia lar...*macibaiiiiiiiii u*


Anonymous suituapui said...

Drink like a fish... Your liver can tahan kah?

7:18 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

stp...i very slow in drinking ehh as all those ppl sapu finish not me.. :D

10:51 PM  

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