Tuesday, November 10, 2009

unhappy airline but happy phone line and satisfying foods

Last month i went back flying using Jetstar but thanks to the delayed planed which only took off about 20mins later which i supposed to reach at 6.20pm instead of about 6.35pm...*fuck*

*not forgotten my godbro call me while im still thousand feet above the sea level and got sat to my left and right passenger shocked when my phone rang coz i nvr switch off my fon whenever im on plane so whoever scare die next time do go on board with me else will to LOST island* :P

*not forgotten i faster decline the fon call then text my godbro and 1 of the reason i stick to DIGI for so many years as the reception so strong till few thousand feet above sea level* =D

after landing down and came out from the airport we went to have dinner...I dont even knew that in Expert Foodcourt at BDC they serve such a nice bbq pork...when we first passby i thought my godbro will order chicken wings but its PORKKKK...*yummy*
its marinated and the meat just taste nice whenever every piece you put in mouth but they came in sour not so spicy sauce...they should came it with sambal belacan sure taste better... ;)

the satay were so so only as nothing shout about...

whenever i went back/mostly every month sure will visit this place for wild animals meat and thats why been complained by godbro that im crazy as always eat wild animals...*im pregnant oldman mar* :P

the big bowl was bats on top was tofu then fish then vege then snake then lizard then terrapin lastly YUMMYYYYYYYYY ... :P

ps:visit there must looked for chinese waitress else will get fucked up with the dishes you order...see the big bowl of bats as the malay/native waitress intro us to take 2 bats and it came out so big bowl even 5 adults cant finish it and we had to cancelled our wild boar meat... :(


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