Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another Belated Birthday

when i was back last month 1 of my drinking buddy had his birthday celebrate earlier as me and my other friends who work in Sinkapork were back for holiday...*forgot wo really wishing him happy birthday* :D

This was not ordinary BM/Big Mac from McD but special made PM/Pig Made coz of the

the other cake from sexret recipe me and my other 3 friends shared...*i so cheapskate ho*

see how big the PM compare to those legs... :D

Mr Soot Ker which never failed to act cool...LOL

see the barger in cap?

while Mr Soot busy singing with the birthday boy,what was that barger doing?

i had no idea what he doing till she laugh so happily...

that barger appear to be 1 of my best friend/ah teck which we mostly quarrel eventhough just a small matter...*im the one who started alway* :P

finish entertain everyone he start singing with birthday boy...

so blueeeee...

ordered 3 crate of beers and left over brought home only few cans...

birthday boy going to take a pee as too little drinking... :D

ps:i hope i didnt screwed the night as birthday boy thought i nearly fought with my best best friend as we seem like quarel till want to fought...thanks to fucking girl at the counter suddennly scold me...i asked her in malay and she scold me why cant spoke chinese...fuck u bitch...u r not chinese either...MCB...


Anonymous suituapui said...

Aiyor...u so garang, go enjoy with friends also want to fight one?....I so takut lah like dat!!!

1:33 PM  
Blogger ah nel said... lar some misunderstanding n we nvr intend to fight oso as my voice gets louder nia.. ;)

10:20 PM  

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