Saturday, January 10, 2009

stil wana own this species???

I like dogs and hope to own a dog since i was a boy that was about 62yrs ago... :P

in my mind there only 2 dogs i like...1 tinydog*chibaiflowerflower* keep in house and 1 huge dog*rockweiler* guard house...then out of nowhere im being introduce to another kind of dogs*luckbarkdoor*

this dog seen my da second time as i follow my frens car to did wheel alignment but suprisingly 1st time i saw it was so nice and kept bite and throw and empty plastic towards me...i knew he wanted to play it with me but i never bother...haha

the second time i went there with my fren i took its photo as i thought of wanted blog about it since its so nice and obedient/educated*regret what i felt* dog it was and thot of own it...

stood stil for me to took his photo...

getting closer...and after i took picture of it sure he wanted a rewards...i duno wat he wanted till i walk passby...*jumped up holding my leg n start dancing/shaking and luckily its baby carrot never appear and touch my leg else i duno what will happen to this innocent face dog*

ps:on 17th of september i miss out flight as i saw wrong timing while i thot my flight at 3.40pm and i reach airport 3.05pm and counter closed...proceed to next terminal to bought another flight ticket at 8.45pm and wasted around SGD120... :(
anyhow that night my godbrother was celebrating his birthday...btw the cake was his wife idea and its really tasty...


Blogger frostier said...

tiu~ at least it is not that sohai dog lor.

and the bday cake looks like the same as mine.
cup cakes!!

8:18 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

bro...tat dog loose educated liao i tink..

y i nvr had a cake 4 my bday as its in sept oso?

10:48 PM  

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