Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bar dancer happen in kl

*if u c d date u know what i mean on my last post that this post save in here for how long...12/3/09 i save it n now just post 30/6/09...cuming to 4 month* lol

This picture was taken last saturday in hartamas that got me shock as i went thre for drinking session end up saw gal dance on top of bar...i used to received a lot of email last time as i tot its just nowhre to be found in

pigture taken using my fon as if look in fon u can another gal dance til whole body even butt oso wet...

d photo my fren saw in my fon ask me y i took tis pigture as oi told him i took d gal but actually i took his pigture as he staring non

pigture taken on second floor

look at the light thre u found a gal dancing at bar

0n friday nite yumcha and watching live band *i forgot d plc name*

nike air n pretty gal just to take pigture with :P

guess which 1 is me? :D

ps:thanks khaima as came all da way from pj to kl fetch me eat bkt in kepong... :D

pps:thanks to latuk tan sili linpeh for dinner at klcc...*foodcourt* lol

ppps:soli my deer angeles as make u syok syok wana meet up end up din meet up for bkt...


Anonymous _butt said...

is this the same old man? how come look different geh??

bar dancer got you syok syok huh? :P

10:55 AM  
Blogger rainbow angeles said...

waa.. so lengjai oledi this oldman.. can go khao lui oledi!!

yelah make me syiok syiok wanna bkt and then ffk.. nxt time u belanja 2X!! :p

5:09 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

punggung...oldman wont grow old liao isit? :P

i din c ler as felt gelik :0

angel...i duno tat gal ler..

i tat nite drink til early morning sumore once wake up its noon prob babe...10x oso can... ;)

9:39 PM  

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