Friday, December 04, 2009

Verinice...ok nia lar...dishes appearance make it screwed up ler...

On 15 oct,i attend another best buddy ah teck baby son birthday...He called till sinkapork to invite me to attend his son birthday so i must give face and since im going back every month why not at that time i go

i really like the design of the cake as the babi so cuteee... :D

the starter as always nearly the same dish we eat from most of the restaurant...

as usual whenever there is birthday sure will include mee in their menu coz it represent long life to suffer at this
btw i duno this was mee/noodle or mee sua/noodle sand...i really supriseme on this dish as its not tasteless from the appearance... :)

how can miss out the nice shark fin soup or fake shark fin but i think this was geniune... ;)

the birdnest vege as salty as the bird armpit...the shrimp was very salty like munching on a rock of salt and i think the shrimp not so fresh so after peel it,they soaked it in ocean for 1 weeks... :O

the fish was indeed fresh as my friend specially ordered red garoupa but the owner cant find any of it and replace this fish*i duno what it called*... lol

ahhhh...combination of both must be eaten together to get sextifucktion...nen nen and pet pet... :P

the bun aka nen nen...

the pork aka pet pet...i ate only this as i dont eat bun and i must say i saw the apperance looked like fucked up bitchy at roadside with vagina hanging but suprisingly it taste nice even i ate it without bun/nen nen its not salty as it looks... ;)

the chicken but it taste so so only and cant compare to any roadside stall... :P

lastly the spinach which look like a sick dogs eating grass and with vomitted outcome but it taste nice...

lastly the small toys located at the side of the cake being requested by me from my best buddy as i seen everyone took it so what i waiting for... :P

lastly before i left i took pigcher of the shop name...

ps:when i started took picture of the food my friend David asked me why i took it,as i dowan to disclosed my blog to someone i knew i told him that for evidence to sue them if i got food poison which made them LOL...

but the Fucker mr soot ker told them its for my blog its for my blog...caucibai u waittttt...i post out ur fucking pigcher...haha


Anonymous suituapui said...

The name is verinice...but to you like everything not nice one. You chiew khar, just give beer to drink...happy liao lor, no need eat!!!

10:57 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

stp...its true mar as many ppl who meet up with me knew im not split personality as i write how the way i speak from heart...

my khar cant drink ler? :p

11:03 PM  

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