Sunday, November 22, 2009

Friday 13th trip back

Many of those believer that Friday 13th will had a bad luck on that day but i'm opposing it and bought a ticket to flew back my hometown for holiday... =D

It seem like more and more im gotting worse as last time i never drank alcohol when the day still bright but now getting earlier and earlier...*thanks to a blogger blog that i read no matter what time still can drank beer* :P

As our flight at 12.35pm and we reach airport around 11+pm.After check in i asked my friend that got any supermarket around as my intention was to find some alcohol so i can sleep in the airplane...:P

suddenly i saw my favourite snack/tit bits that i thought extint already... :D

its really a good combination munching it while consuming alcohol... ;)

noted anything...

im not showing that it havent expired but the ingredient made it so tasty...*pork extract* ;)

mr soot ker with his new canon camera trying to be profesional in future taking picture of nude girls...LOL

since the supermarket located at terminal 3 we had to go terminal 1 to boarding...

upon check in i went toilet asn came out saw the convenient store i visit everytime i flew back...

what else as light drinker like me where got enough 1 can.... :P

soft drinks with straw... :O

then we went to the perfume store as friend request but end up we didnt bought it as too fucking sexpensive even duty free as my friend say in town can get more cheaper...

end up we bought this as how can we prepare cash to bought something at duty free but din bought any of it...i wanted to buy Southern Comfort but no more stock end up bought JohnDoe...*the liquer that made me sleep in car on later post*

after sleeping a while with 2 can of 500ml beer i woke up headache and saw my kampung...

when i went to get my car my friend/mechanic told me my car cant start...sumore my engine seal leaking he still havent fix it and change my car fuel pump to racing fuel pump...end up i left his shop 7+pm...

i had a nice trip back hometown not forgeting drinking every single night,car went into drain,sleep in car,massage,friend intro nice food to eat but FUCKING HATE AIRASIAL AS DELAYED MY FLIGHT 1 HOUR LATE ON THE DAY I LEFT 19 OF OCTOBER FROM KCH TO JB...CAUCIBAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII...


Blogger Sin Ling said...

Alamak, dont angry ya ah nel korkor, no more bad lucks for u, any duty free chocolates for me or not? :) come visit me when u free ya, i will be waiting for u here :)

I have been extremely busy with conferences as well as my phd proposal application, did a lot of writing and reading recently, plus i have been sicked for the pass few days, KO already, lol, need your love, kidding... :p

Miss ya and please don't drink too much, not good for health... :(

12:37 AM  
Blogger frostier said...

wah.. 2 can already asleep.
if for me, i smell already can sleep.

erhm. next time try mashit airline ba?

2:37 AM  
Blogger cal81 said...

ha, shit happens sometimes, bro... my last 3 consecutive times back home, my flights oso never once on time one... using mas somemore., -_-
my car pun sitting in the garage now, after replace the brake pads & installed steel braided brake hose kit, the brake master pump & separator valve seal condemn pulak.. haih...

6:00 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

mei mei...u name it sure wil gv u wen we meet someday..u kat mana?

beter jaga ur health carefully as nowadaes weather siao siao..

i drink 6 nite wen i back last week.. :O

dale...more easy to slp on plane if got drink..u smell can slp den i c oso fainted.. :P
tat airline sexpensive for poor ppl like me ler!!

cal...fucking airlines nowadaes as got traffic jamned on air i think..

tat wat i had as nvr touch my car its stil on but wen go touch it tis n tat spoild.. :(

10:40 PM  
Blogger Sin Ling said...

Take good care of yourself as well, okay? remember don't drink and drive, is dangerous.

Right now i am staying at Semenyih, near to Kajang and Seremban, a very olu place, perhaps u won't step into this olu place and visit me :(

wondering what kind of chocolate that u are going to give me? m&m? smarties? lol... :)

12:27 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

mei mei...normally i drink n i stil can drive home but will collapsed upon reached o like i slp in car if i lean on something.. ;)

will visit u soon as long time i nvr go kl liao n wil stop by seremban wen i go.. :)

tat depend of wat i consume n later outcome i stil duno wat choc mayb choc cake.. :p

10:25 PM  
Blogger Sin Ling said...

haha, i mean the actual chocolate (edible one), not the one from toilet one, lol :p

when u come visit me, then i bring u go eat ice cream instead of beer ya :) lol *actually i wanna eat*

Just let me know if u are coming over :)

Friday HOLIDAY, yeah... :)

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pork extract, so? You don't eat pork kah...sudah potong? LOL!!! Aiyor...looks like you kaki botol...and masuk longkang some more. Eeee....if I go visit you, must make sure I don't sit in the car when you drive.

5:55 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

mei mei..sure can i can produce edible wan oso eh.. :P

eat nia say wat ler as i blanja u eat ice cream til u lao sai.. :D

wil let u noe when i plan to drop by..

holiday oso no use as i work..

stp...i mean i like it as its had pork xtract so taste nice..

im not kaki botol lar as can c clearly mar..u got cum visit baru say don potong stim nia..

10:13 PM  
Blogger Sin Ling said...

Haha, i dont wanna eat ice cream until lao sai la, later got phobia :p

My holidays also have to stay at home and write thesis, worried sick about my thesis, wanna die d la, faster come entertain me, can?

Actually what is your job all about?

10:51 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

phobia good mar as next time meet u again no nid eat ice cream liao...haha

i oso hope i can faster visit kl as lot ppl i nvr meet long time...

im work as duck/ngap.. :p

11:05 PM  

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