Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ayam penyek revisited

As our normal supper place closed,i brought my friend visit the ayam penyek again as i wanted to taste the fish but finished already... :(

this time we went it were not much people as it was mist rain...this time an old lady walk towards us and ask us whether we wanted some cucur udang/prawn fritter end up we order some potatoes and 2 piece of prawn fritter only as i thought it might not came out nice coz i happen to eat malay cook before and not nice...i was wrong as it came out so tasty and i order few pieces more... ;)

the sambal which cost me rm1 as i order extra 1 more... :o *they do charge for the sambal*

my best friend ah teck cant finished the drink as we were drinking same drink from previous coffee shop and stomach still full of water...the drinks came with extra large...

suddenly the i saw a lady instructing the staff got her her car took few boxes and came out to be cili padi...they were all then busy cleaning the cili padi n threw it all in a pale...

the old lady ask me to introduce the prawn fritter to friends and i told her i will as its so tasty...her boss are chinese muslim...i didnt get to praised him as he was busy talking to few friends when he saw me took picture...

see...i dont bluff as they really charge for the fucking little cost rm1... :x


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