Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Klang in East

Few years back i went to this east malaysia klang to had lunch with my best friend and his mom...on 2nd of January after we left the resort,we had lunch here again and this time diffrent from last time i ate...*picture in sephia mode as i forgot switch it off when i took last picture*lol

i was introduced to the new dry bak kut teh which were my virgin taste...on the left were the kids meal the mom order for them which consist only porkball,taupok and fuckcuk...on top were the dry bak kut teh...lastly the pork leg if im not mistaken...lol

up close and taste...i drank nearly half of the soup as normaly i love soupy foods... ;)

the pork and the pork egg... :D

the super yummy dry bak kut teh... ;)

i sure will be back for more the next time i back hometown...

currently after got my cock popped,i will order this drink whenever its available...i loveeeddd greens *timun+asamboi*


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