Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Batang blogger meet at Little Taiwan

Last month i went to kl to meet up for the first time with Suituapui...We didnt spend a lot of time together as time were too packed for me...*nice meeting you stp*

After meeting up him i went to meet my usual batang blogger frens whom i will catch up with whenever i'm in kl...The duo are non other from Tan Sri Linpeh and Dale...we went to this place being suggested by linpeh...I thanks Linpeh on the few post back as he allowed me post his picture and this post you will get it... ;)

our healthy dish before to the unhealthy dinner...lol

i ordered spicy pork rib noodle and it came this...i thot pork rib are with bone but this seem like pork nugget...mcb...

Dale ordered meatball noodle as he is balless... :D

this is highly respected Tan Sri Linpeh with his spicy pork knuckle noodle if i'm not mistaken...this the first time ever Linpeh show part of his shirt and never before anywhere you can find his photo...i'm been honoured to put up his shirt photo...lol

ps:thanks linpeh for the treat and time and not forgotten dale who was busy that day but heard im around in town he stil came to meet us...

pps:Linpeh...i still hope you back to blogging as i'm sure lotsa readers miss your funny and educational blog...


Blogger frostier said...

he say he forgot his tok3tok4 password liao

7:43 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

dale...i wonder he got forget wear his underwear onot..lol

8:51 AM  
Anonymous cleffairy said...

The pork rib looks weird lah. :(

1:28 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

cleffairy...not weird but fucking weird.. :O

10:33 PM  

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