Wednesday, April 07, 2010

April fool

This year i went back for ching Ming which i miss out for 3 years but this year i must going back coz both my parent had left this world...this the first year they together...

on the April fool nite i called my fren out for drinks as its his first time drink with me since we knew for more then 10 years... ;)

he was halfly drunk when i took his

its funny they were drunk but lucky they din took mine when i was drunk previous time... :D

the familiar face accompany me sing...she sing very well but mine sucks...oldman old voice...

finally before left another picture of the striped shirt fren whom 1st time drink with me end up happily ever after...haha

another shot before call it end of the day...LOL


Anonymous cleffairy said...

I hate april fool. Sien nia, like very cheap. :( Good la, tis year you go back for QingMing. :D

4:46 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

cleff....haha..y hate?cheap mer as it just a day o u owes got fools...hehe..

12:35 AM  

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