Saturday, March 06, 2010

Ka Lee Hu Tao

About 3 years back i passby this shop that's alot of people eating and 1 year later i passby still alot of people...last year i passby again and saw alot people but i manage to look what they offering till so many patron their shop...its a curry fish head...last month me and Mr. soot ker went to try...

its located along Jalan wong ah fook and when we arrive its not so busy...

the ingredient that they used to cook their curry fish head... :)

the small little kitchen that serve nice foods... ;)

the crowds getting more and more...

the looks yummy which mr soot ker had two of it while i had

i saw there heavy smoke in the pot and when i went to took picture i just found out its the rice... :O

a while later the main dish arrive with boiling hot...

full of ingredient curry fish head...never stingy of vege also... :D

it had long beans,cabbage and lady fingers...

mr soot ker enjoying the curry as he not into fish head but curry... lol

the head thats spicy but not very spicy coz only sarawakian ate most foods spicy so they had to suite the local/singaporean taste else they will close shop...hehe

the fresh red snapper head...

when it came to fish i ate everything except bone... :)

i know its gross but i ate the fish eye if its fresh... ;)

clean fish head...LOL

whichever who wanna dine here must used to heaty or humid environment as 4 ceiling fans + 6 walls fans cant keep ones cool enough...even i used to heaty/humid environment i still felt its quite unpleasant but the foods worth to try...i will be back for sure..hehe

look at the bone in my plate as mr soot ker dont eat fish head so i wallop all but i did gave him some fish head flesh else he wil be pathetic eating rich with curry

total bill came unexpected by me as i thot it will cost around rm50 which it came out rm 23 if im not mistaken... :)

finally all who dont mind heaty/humid might give it a try as when i asked my colleague who live in JB told me thats the famous fish head curry...he told me now not so tasty compare to before but for me its still taste fine or maybe my tastebud not so high...hehe

who live in republic wana go drop me a comment as i willing to go again... ;)


Anonymous cleffairy said...

OMg, curry fish head. Very nice lehh... OMG, OMG, I wan, I wan! No rice oso nevermind, gimme bread oso can! LOL...

4:52 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

cleffairy...u like it time im in kl u bring me go eat at those famous place eyy? ;)

11:38 AM  

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