Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chap Goh Mei

The night of the CNY last day or the 15th day called Chap Goh Mei i celebrate at coffee shop eating few fried fish and drank beer...
In front of my table were the uncle taxi driver who invited me to drank hard liquer with them but i managed rejected... :)

the 2nd time he asked i cant managed to reject as he brought to my table... :O

my humble beer and the hardcore liquer...i thot he pour some to me who knew so much... :s

my drinkssss...

it took me quite sometime to drank both as if i drank fast i will fall asleep at the coffee shop coz i cant mix liquer with beer...

This few picture were taken about more than half year ago with my drinking frens in stout before start my beer with them...hehe

khaimah always told me i dont have girlfrens as i always mix up with uncle and old already how to mix with youngster... :D *the one in grey shirt stop drinking for the moment as he just had his operation and if im not mistaken he told me 1 of his spare parts got stuck*

1 of my frens girlfrens who accompany him dranks till

thats Henry my drinking fren... ;)


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