Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kedai Makan Ah Soon in Sentosa@JB

When i 1st arrive Jb about 2years + ago we always stay in Sentosa after drinking in the previous night. Normaly the next day we will went to the Restoran Hakka as my hakka friend/mr soot ker likes to eat lui cha...whenever we went to eat we will passby this shop which always crowded...sometimes later i get to try out what they serve inside and get to know they serve my favourite food Bak Kut teh... ;)

few days ago i brought my friend which he used to work as chef and gave highly marks for their foods but not their BKT...

first of all they will serve salty vege as starter before the long waiting food arrive...

we had 2 person BKT...

since we never mention anything they gave us pork ribs only...the tea flavour were strong but i still cant get the kick... :(

this were highly recomended by him as i like it also and this must be order whenever visiting here...the ginger chicken were cooked just right while the gravy had quite strong of ginger taste plus the soya sauce...Robin had 2 bowls of rice coz of it :D

the marvellous chicken which made us both craving for more but i order the other way round coz the ginger chicken i order 1 person portion as i scared if both order 2 person portion we cant finish it... :O

finally they had my favourite delivered...*yummy*

before i left the shop i took picture of 1 of their sexret recipe to cook nice food as they used charcoal... ;)

ps: the food for 2 person BKT + 1 person ginger chicken + 2 rice + 1 salty vege + 1 teapot of tea cost rm 29 so why not its worth to eat sumore so nice food...the next time we visit i told Robin that we will order the other way round as ginger chicken portion more than the BKT... :)

pps:on lunch time its really pack and dont expect the place very cool coz they only had fans but not aircond but thats not a problem for me... ;)


Anonymous cleffairy said...

The BKT looks so diluted to me... I like thicker ones.

6:29 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

cleff...yeah and thats y i still miss the BKT i fren brought me to at Kepong while middle of night made my nose heaty and delicious.. ;)

11:22 PM  

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