Monday, March 08, 2010

Backstreet food in JB

This picture were taken few month back as i wana post about the CKT stall that never failed made me vomit after consumed it as its very oily...i once brought a fren to try out end up we both vomit as too oily...she told me its quite nice but just oily...

the super oily CKT that looks nice and got a lot of people queing to tapao...those people must have a heavy duty stomach... :O

last tuesday i brought a frens to JB as whenever my off days i will went there to catch up movies and brought some Malaysian snacks/tit-bits back...he had the CKT i told him if he didnt mind if its oily and he told me its quite suite his taste coz of spicy...

i intro him the super nice grilled fish stall coz i like the sambal...its spicy and tasty...rm23 for this slice of sting ray... ;)

the rm12 squids...

i went to the next stall ordered a fish head soup and it came out very wonder a lot of people ate it whenever i pass that area...

i didnt notice till my frens told me we had a seafood dinner coz all i ordered are from ocean...LOL

the CKT stall and next to it were the grilled fish stall... :)


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