Saturday, September 16, 2006

Brain Teasers answer

the real answer for the brain teaser answer...

1. Throw the ball straight up

2. 'e'

3. Your fingers

4. The past

5. An echo.

6. They are triplets.

7. There were only three persons at the table comprising a grandfather,
his son and his grandson.

8. Mount Everest, of course. It was always there!

9. In a dictionary.

10. A leaf.

11. Put yourself back to back of each other.

thanks for the parcitipation and i just adopt another sifu and he is none other Unker Cocka...look at his answer you will know why i call him sifu...LOL

his answer...

#1 ...throw someone by holding his balls?

#2 Orgasm! each time I reach a climax it's like the begining of eternity..end of time...father's name also forgotten liao! LOL

#3 When things go wrong, I know I can trust Durex. But worse comes to worse, I'll take her to the abortionist.

#4 The Mangkali's balls. If a mangkali singh is humping you from behind with his super duper long kkc, you won't be able to touch his balls. LOL

#5 With my wife? No, you'll neither have a chance to speak or be heard. LOL

#6 This one simple lah. You didn't replace your previous year calendar lah, you cheapo! LOL

#7 Because that farking apple got worms and no one wanted it la.

#8 Dolly Parton's breasts

#9 After answering most of the questions, now my brain also not in order.

#10 If you are a suicide bomber, once you are dead, you are all over the a farking mess blown to bits. LOL

#11 Imagine 2 maangkalis having very long dicks bending it around and screwing each other. That would be the appropriate explanation. LOL

Fark...why am I wasting time on these questions? LOL

p/s:you are not wasting your time Unker Cocka but create smile on our face...LOL


Anonymous may said...

ah, at least I got some of the answers right. means my brain is half working... LOL! :P

10:21 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

may :half working rather than not working rite? *wink*

1:44 PM  
Blogger mirror said...

omg..his answer is funny!
*clap clap*

10:11 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

mirror :he is definately humourous... ;)

10:33 AM  

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