Wednesday, August 23, 2006

sunday riddle mia answer

This is wat most of you waiting for rite???well there goes the answer...u can used it towards ur frens,colleague,husband,wife,ah kong,ah mah and or anyone claim they r genius mia so they can had some laff...

1) Rat mia tail and cow mia tail whose one longer?

Most of ppl will answer cow as it reli seem longer for reality but the answer is rat...

y ler???
coz rat mia tail can touch the floor but cow mia kenot... :)

2)A bus accident drop into the river n wat was alive even the bus stil underwater???

Most of them wil answer the bus lar,enjing lar,window lar...maciam maciam answer oso got...all those thing whre got alive mia n the enjing manyak keng as drop underwater stil alive...

what is stil alive???
roadtax...u all agree??? ;)

3)If all animal became monkey,monkey became wat???

Most of them sure answer human...pls lar everyone...

became wat???
a lot...all animal became monkey then they became a lot lor... hehe

4)wat come down 1st when a car stop?

some of them say leg,brake...

wat come down 1st???
speedometer... :)

5)wat r the most genius in the lab???

some say professor

most genius professor mer???
wrong...the answer is termometer as it had a lot of degree... :)

y Ta niu mia wife run away after reading 5 words he wrote on paper???

Ta niu pi ciao lan

for chinise mia reading they all start with reading backward xpecially piao mei hometown mia ppl...

Lan ciao pi niu ta

for those who cant understand mandarin mia pls ask anyone who noe mia for the

Angeliu...if i'm Ta niu wil u want me??? lol

p/s:our company CEO last day today...when wil be mine???


Blogger Kenny Ng said...

haha... i knew my answers sure all wrong. my IQ damn teruk.

5:28 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

kenny :wuahhhh...i just post nia ler...manyak tenk q ya...*kembangnye me*

our manager oso answer wrongly so don think too much...hv a fun back with other ppl wit those riddle...

my iq oso teruk kenny... :)

5:40 PM  
Blogger Chen said...

this sort of answer
no eye see :D

10:53 PM  
Blogger sengkor said...

suddenly, i feel that i m damn stupid...

12:00 AM  
Blogger Simple American said...

Yesterday my boss retired. I wanna retire too. :(

12:41 AM  
Blogger angel said...

*pretend din read/hear the question*

So liuliu wan the answers!

1:27 AM  
Blogger AceOne said...

wuahahaha..I should have known!!

BTW, I tag you in my blog!!

2:02 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

docter :no need used eyes to see but used ur mouth to LOL...hehe

sengkor :no lar...its a trick mia question...

SA :retired then kam visit us all ya... ;)

angeliu :no need hear o read used ur heart to smile... ;)

ace :but u din ans... ;)

wuah...1st time kena tag got angpau o not???lol

8:00 AM  
Anonymous may said...

how comes I never knew all these answers before ah?... heheh! thanks for dropping by my site!

9:31 AM  
Blogger ah nel said...

may :welkam welkam to my blog...diamond 1m carat chup for u... ;)

now u noe ledi so can start to test ur colleague or fren

11:12 AM  
Blogger Kenny Ng said...

breader ah... i tag u for merdeka puisi... kekeke. dun angry yah :P

12:55 PM  
Blogger ah nel said...

no ploblem headache nia think of

9:36 PM  

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