Saturday, August 12, 2006

do not disclosed my link in here

This morning a colleague come to me and ask me about who I meant in my previous post last Sunday mia…she ask me who was I refer to but I didn’t answer…I bet she reading now so now u noe why I told u not to disclosed my blog link in our working place…if u disclosed more and more ppl reading then more dangerous as I still working here…I only disclosed my blog for the ppl I trust in here for reading pleasure…the reason I blogging as I can met a lot of new frens,express out my feeling,make ppl laughing when reading my blog so those ppl I did not disclosed to them as I don’t want my post became an agenda for gossips instead of reading pleasure for them in here when they frustrated from job… >.<

Her : ehh…sapa yg engko cerite dalam post kau pasal akond ya?lawak lah…(who were u refer to on ur aircond post last Sunday…funny ler)

Me : hehe…

Her :sapa?sapa?(who? who?)

Me : :)

Her :kau pernah nanga email dragon ya kar?(u ever seen pic of dragon in email)

Me :huh…

Her :mali tempat aku kelak aku tunjukkan…(come to my seat n I show u)

Me :huh…

Her :aku tak berani send untuk kau kelak kau post dalam blog kau mati aku(I do not dared send to u as later u post in ur blog I die arr)

Me :maksud kau tatu kat kkc mia kar?(u mean he had tattoo at his kkc isit?)

Her : hehe…

Sorry ler as I don’t post this such thing in my blog as it will gv a bad impression to my readers and if got younger generation read my blog later they became sexcited I kena sue kaw kaw by their pader,mader,ah kong or ah ma…dowan ler me sked ler…no maney mauk kena sue again…

The farny conversation was…

Her :eee…sik berguna lagi ler barangnye…(his thing spoild d ho)

Me : hah???

Her :tatu kan ambil pisau potong kulitnye?(if tattoo they used knife to cut ur skin)

Me :cheh…mana ade pakai pisau…pakai jarum mia lar(whre got used knife…used needle lar)

Muahaha…she tot that tattoo used a knife to cut ur skin…apuuuu…ohhh kak...i think you too sexcited see the angmoh kkc so long,big n got dragon sumore…wuahaha…

p/s:tat day u just told me it was erected in the picture but just now u say kenot used d....hmmm...woiii...bangunlah...u r overdose of sexcited so tonite saturday and go yeeehah with ur hubby then came out 3rd child so can go ur house party again... :)


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