Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My craving for crab

Last year end were the year i start eating crab again after about 10 years i stop eating it...the reason was i think my blood circulation very bad as after i consumed it my body felt itchy...

last i gave it a try and it seems ok so nowadays im craving for it but at sinkapork were too expensive and JB even more cause this plate i pay only rm16.8 per kg at my hometown while JB cost rm19 per 100gram...thats fucking expensive while sinkapork selling promotion price at 2 crabs for $20.

last month i went back i revisited D'Village again on the night i arrive with my friends with some other dishes as there were 3 of us and seem like the other dishes taste nice also... ;)

few days later i cant find any kaki to go with me so i went alone just order 1 kg crab and last me more than 1 hour just to ate this fucking plate...not to mention i were so full just ate this crab...i never knew it were full as i thought this cibai here not very much meat... :O


Blogger ortsed said...

i want to eat that while
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5:49 PM  
Anonymous Rezervesana said...

This food looks delicious!!

7:05 PM  
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